MentorUkraine – Support Ukrainian youth abroad

Mentor Ukraine

Mentorship program for Ukrainian youth

Support displaced Ukrainian students by helping them settle, grow, and achieve abroad.

Support displaced Ukrainian students and help them settle, grow and achieve abroad.

Our mentorship program helps displaced Ukrainian youth achieve their goals by connecting them with students and alumni from top universities in the United States and Europe.
The mission of the program
The mission of the program is to create a new generation of Ukrainians who will play an integral part in Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction.
As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, over 7.8 million people have been driven out of their homes. This includes many young people. In addition to dealing with trauma in their personal lives, these young Ukrainians must continue their education and plan their future. For many of them, that means applying to universities outside of Ukraine and navigating education systems that may be foreign to them in these challenging times.
Our program is designed to support young Ukrainians with the professional and personal challenges they may face as they pursue an education or career outside of Ukraine – such as language barriers, networking, and social integration.
Mentorship program period: 12 months,
starting September 2022.
Individual refugees from Ukraine recorded across Europe


Support Ukrainian students who have been forced to move abroad due to Russia’s ongoing aggression.


Connect young, displaced Ukrainians with students from top universities to assist them in applying to university and integrating into a new academic and social milieu.


Respect for diversity in education, solidarity across borders and a belief in the power of youth.


Our program gives Ukrainian young people applying to foreign universities the opportunity to have one-on-one sessions with a mentor from a top university in their new host country. Mentors will offer personal guidance and advice tailored to the specific needs of their mentee.


First, is to motivate and inspire young Ukrainians as they navigate the trauma inflicted upon them during the war and continue their studies.
Second, assist their transition from the war zone by helping them to get scholarships with the help of students who already study at the world's top universities. This is important as living in Ukraine during the war interrupts studying and might provoke PTSD, depression, etc. As a result, young people will not be able to take part in rebuilding Ukraine.
The third is to encourage young people to stay on track with their studies through college application processes, and weekly meetings with other motivated participants, and give them a sense of belonging to the community.
The program increases the ability of young Ukrainians to thrive by heightening their chances of receiving a scholarship at the university and having support from talented and motivated people. The program provides help with applying to receive education abroad, moving from Ukraine, and living in a peaceful environment. Talented and motivated mentors from top-rated universities support and motivate young people through weekly meetings and goal-setting plans. The young Ukrainians helped to shape the perspective of the program by sharing that it is difficult to continue education in Ukraine and apply to universities abroad during the war, especially in the U.S. due to the different education systems. Young Ukrainians gave the idea that there is a lack of friends or mentors who went through the application process and can share their experience, for free and correct mistakes in CVs, personal statements, and applications. This feedback influenced the design of the program and invited students from top-rated universities to be mentors, and provide weekly meetings with useful tips about the application and personal development that helped them.
If you are interested in becoming either a mentor or a mentee, have a look at our steps for applying below. Applicants simply have to fill out an application form, after which we will send you an email with further instructions.
Fill out application form
Record a video
Meet your mentee
Establish regular contact
Change a life forever
Eligibility Criteria for Mentors
• Over 18 years old

• Highly motivated and committed to the program

• Ready to offer their time and energy to helping a Ukrainian student

Mentors do not require any specific professional skills or special education.
We invite young people who move from Ukraine to apply for the mentorship program
What you can receive?

Help with finding and applying for scholarships.

Communication with students from the best universities worldwide who are eager to help you to study abroad.

Support from Ukrainians who moved to other countries and are ready to share their experience with you.
 Reasons to apply: 
• Join a professional network of young Ukrainian leaders;

• Discover your professional strengths and access useful development opportunities;

• Advance your professional skills;

• Gain access to a networking community;

• Develop leadership qualities and other soft skills.